First Meeting


We sit across from each other;

Two strangers meeting for the first time,

I glance up hesitantly- meeting your amused gaze,

Just as quickly I look away hiding behind my hair.

I watch you covertly;

I stare at your big brown hands gently clasping your mug,

I admire your fingers; long and deft,

Your neat fingernails; the splotches of ink speckling your skin,

I want your hands on me.

In my mind I trace your tall burnished frame and marvel,

At your deep husky voice and the warmth of your hand as you held mine,

The mug lifts and I look up once again to meet your eyes,

Our eyes hold as you sip slowly,

I’m not going anywhere your eyes say to me,

Stop hiding now please,

Cheeks burning, I look back at you;

Your mouth hidden behind the coffee mug,

I hear a faint clatter as you place it back on the table,

Your mouth curves as we gaze at each other,

Silently, we make our first promises.

© Kavisha Saga and Ek Choti Kavita, 2014

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